Future : thinking for the best time & achievement of my life

Wanna complete my post graduation & if there was an opportunity then I wanna do my Ph.D. because education has a great impect on respect & wanna get that respect for me respect is better than money. So if there are two option that a) more respect less money & b) less respect more money I will choose the option a & Iam will be satisfied with that.
Every times I thought about Internet I wonder & thought that I was on the internet then what happend & I bealieve that in future that aslo will be happend people search several time about me on gooogle , yahoo, or other search engine and blog. For that pupose Iam going to BASIS BITM of Practical SEO & I believe that this trainning will definately help me to build up a carrtier on online marketplace. May be a marketplace may be not build in a week or a month but Iam not giving up Iam here & I will be.................
Everyone have a dream for better lifestyle , own home, car or etc thats is important to lead a better life & like everyone I aslo have a dream but that is everything will be perfect not only better.
All the person are in the highest position are at early time they ware nothing but now they are genius so Iam not at the worst position so I will not ????? like they say my hard will leads me here from there & Ian now building the pathway........

Future is the time which is the result of what are we doing right now for the next, sometimes its not appropritely happends but we have try for the best. I positively believe that if I think for the best better will be happend to me if there was no best so hoping for the best.

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