Present : Another name of struggle period of my life

Till now Iam a student studying at Primeasia Universiy, Banani, Dhaka, Staying at Mirpur, Dhaka-1216. IWhen I was not admitted to a private Institution I don’t know that private Institute is full of Exam. One thing that is common term in private university is Exam. One or two Class test in a weak , Assignment , Presentation , Mid-term & finally Semister final in every four month in bangladesh we use a term to express this condition that is “PERA ( A presurous condition)”. Also there are pass marks are the scale of 40 and the tension of CGPA.
Versity life is truelly full of fun & enjoyment & it would be even better if  the exam will happend after a year but that is not possible so drop it & think something else & the else is the moment with my friends at versity after the class & exam  the gathering togather are full of fun & we are willingly waiting when the class will end & we go to the sports club.
We also have fun on facebook on facebook we have a closed group for our depertment where we gather after we go back to home so that group keep us close even we are not togather.
One day I was listening to the radio I heared about the Outsourcing programe on BASIS by the ministry of finance of the people republic of bangladesh & made a decition to learn about Freelancing & earn some money on internet. Because from my earlier time I feel very attractive to computer & Internet, for different reason Iam not studying at CSE but felt curious every time about technology.
Then I filled a online registration form after few day they called me for an exam & after one week they confirmed me for the admission of practical SEO & I fell so glad that may its the opportunity to do something that I wanted to do & I will definately do.
Now Iam doning Practical SEO at BASIS BITM & wanna be a freelancer and wanna build up a carrier on outsoursing market baecause I believe that Everything in the world is possible only when You wanna do that and never give up , so I don’t wanna give up because I have to do it & I will.
The present is the time when we work & work for the best because future depends on my presents.
 The first things is that I wanna confes is when I was at Rajshahi I wanna come to Dhaka because Bigger cities better opportunities & from my childhood I wnna something big & that is impossible without staying Dhaka in Bangladesh. But now I realize that is difficult to do in bigger cities specially where all things are like machine or like a robot. Its true that Dhaka is full of opportunities but its quite difficult to  find it & I will not defeat I will win & I think that is the matter of time & Iam willingly waiting..................................................................

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