The Most Beautiful Unforgettable Memories of My Past

I was born in 1st April 1994 at Natore, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I was the first child in my family  so I got too much love & care from my family members. I hear it from my mother that I was too quite in my childhood.My father is  a businessman & mother is a housewife. We lived  in a joint family because of that we enoyed a lot specially at the time of any occation.

I started my school at the age of 5 in a kinder garten. I studied there for two years at the class of play & nursary. I remember there was a very strict teacher his name was Assaduzzan (Sir),  but a very honest  man.

Then I was shifted to the Primacy School Named Burirbag Govt. Primanry School. On that period of my Primary level my roll number was two & it didn’t change on that level . I study very hard on that level but I didn’t come to the first level & I can’t found the reason.  But that level was the most enjoyable moments of my life with my school friends. Our school field was to big & attachted to the school so that when we got any break just one thing was on our mind & that is game (sports). We enjoyed specially at the rainy deason because at the time of rain our field became full with water like a pond with 1-2 inch of water & we played there football at the time of rain & that was the moment I cant explain , What a moments was that I wish I could be a child again..........
Then I entered to the high school level and become the first for the first time and the first position comtinued my full high school life and till now Iam continueing the first position. Interesting fact is that I realize the fact why I didn’t come first at the level of class VI & that was I wrote eveey question of the question paper because every question is common to me and till the periods I didn’t understand that I have to answar certain or selected question not all the question. That was very funny memory to me even now.
The high school level was very beautifull even more beautifull because all the friends of primary level ware stadied at the same school & some are add at that level. I choose science at high school & got a scholarship which is given by retina foundation. Our school arranged a cultural program on 26th march where different sports & cultural programed are perfomed by the student & there was aslo arrangement for awards to encourage us. The most interesting fact is that I got at least two every time. There was a computer lab in our school where I firstly introduced with computer & became curious about it. On that time play game on the computer is best things to me.
After completing o level I was admited to a medical Institute named Institute of Health technology Rajshahi,Bangladesh. During the first few month when I was shifted to Rajshahi from Natore was the worst day of my life because at that time I was alone & felt very lonely. But at after passing of few month things ware goning to be better day by day. We had  a huge campus which is full of green trees and a beautiful pond inside the area. We spent our most of the time on the bank of the river padma which is 15 minutes away from our Institute.
Every year we arranged a study tour which is full of knowledge & fun. Whenever we got time friends & our teacher rent a boat called “moyurponkkhi” and went to the mohona of the Padma & each time we traveled we took a lots of memories which we normally called photos. Even now sometimes I looked at the photos & remember that day the wonderful days in my life

I know that going back to the past is impossible & there is no way but I wish............ I wish .......... I wish............................................................

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